Developing even a small site like CombiSim takes a lot of time and effort. As the completion of this site would not have been possible without the use of the following tools, I felt that a mention is the least I could do (apart from purchasing a license in some cases). This release of CombiSim has been developed using the following tools and applications:
Fatfree Framework is a versatile and lightweight framework that had the perfect balance between the provision of functionality and the freedom to create your own. Most of all, the learning curve to effectively use this framework was a real bonus for me.
Bulma is a CSS framework that matched my needs almost perfectly. Been testing first with the all well known frameworks like bootstrap or tailwind, but those did not match the flexibility that I get with Bulma, or were just a little too heavy for my purposes.
Sublime is my long time development tool. I use it for many projects and it has never let me down. Apart from the functionality a very important aspect for me was the pleasant theme that makes me come back to Sublime all the time. Recently renewed my license and included the Sublime Merge tool as well. Not been using so far, but for the next release of CombiSim I may use it.
MAMP Pro is my flexible server configuration tool. It allows me to set up new domains locally in seconds. Of course you can install all by yourself, but if you want to save time you should definitely take a look at it.
ForkLift is my tool to publish files to my domain. I have been searching for reasonably priced SFTP tools, and this one ticked the boxes for me.
Affinity is the suite of graphical software that I use for all kinds of visual content. I consider this money very well spent. Being a nerd about precision, what I really liked about this tool is that even if you go to the deepest details, the positioning of the objects is extremely precise. Recently upgraded to version 2.
KeyCDN is used to guess the preferred language from the country location of the visitor. At the moment CombiSim supports Dutch, English, German and French, but (with your help) this could increase to other languages as well.
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