The CombiSim License Agreement

By using this website or purchasing a license from this website you agree to the following terms:

1. No Refunds

We put as much effort as possible to make sure that the application works in as much browsers as reasonably possible. Feel free to send me an email if you encounter an issue. I get charged fees for chargebacks that are of a totally different proportion than the costs for a single license, therefore all sales are final.

2. A License Is A License

By purchsing a license you get access to certain functionality from this website that is otherwise not disclosed. You will never own the code or other (creative) content that is shared with you from this site.

3. Fair Use

You need to log in with the email address that you have shared when signing up. You can only be logged in from one (1) device at the same time. Logging in to this website with your account will automatically cancel the other session(s) related to your account.

4. Non Transferable

A CombiSim license is not transferable and you are not allowed to resell your license. If I suspect that a license is being transferred or resold, I may decide to unilaterally terminate the license and revoke access to this website.

5. License Definition

You are in control for how long you want to use CombiSim. The license always expires 4 weeks after the last time you used CombiSim. If you use CombiSim within those 4 weeks, the license will be extended to 4 weeks after that date. If the license nevertheless has expired you can use the same email address to buy a new license

6. Liability Release

You release me (Michel van Rooij), my company (Van Rooij Consultancy B.V.), and anyone else that may have been involved in the development of this website from ALL liability for any damages or any (mis)behaviour that this website may cause. This website is meant to be used for entertainment purposes only, and your experiences with this website can not be used in real life. You agree to use this website at your own risk, and that you have been warned not to judge real life situations based on your experiences with this website.

7. No Warranty

We can and will not guarantee that the functionality of this website is 100% realistic at all times. We do our best to develop algorithms that appear realistic. There will always be real life scenarios where the simulations performed on this website are not realistic.

8. No Reverse Engineering

You agree that you will not reverse engineer any functionality that is provided by this website.

9. Support

All functionality of this site is either self-explanatory, or explained on the help page. Feel free to ask questions or report problems. We will do our best to answer all mail, though we cannot guarantee that we can fix all reported issues in a reasonable amount of time.

10. System Requirements

This website is developed to work on a regular computer with a monitor and a keyboard attached to it, most commonly a laptop or a desktop. This website does not work on a mobile device like a tablet or a smartphone. Do not purchase a license if you expect this website to work on a tablet or smartphone.

11. Formal Language

This is a formal EULA written in (non-formal) plain English. I tried to write it in such a way that all of you will understand what is meant. The plain English does not make it less binding. When you use any part of this website (including the licensed part) you do have to agree to these terms.