The CombiSim Privacy Policy

Information that is collected when you use this website

1. General

We care about your privacy. CombiSim strives to collect as little data as possible, and the data we do collect is necessary to provide you with a flawless experience on this website. This site only writes a session cookie. We do not write or use any third-party cookies.

2. Visitors

CombiSim stores your IP address, some device information, and the pages that you visit in its log files. You can set the language of your preference, but this is not stored when you are not signed in. When you create an account, your language preference is stored in our database and can be changed at any time. We do not use any Analytics tools.

3. Registered Users

When you create an account we also register:

  • Date and time when the account is created
  • Additional company information, if provided with the registration
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Preferred language, if set

Per account only one session can be active at the same time. Do not share you account with others if you do not want your session to be cancelled randomly at any time.

The CombiSim license expiration date will always be extended 4 weeks after the last date of use.

4. Note

CombiSim may change or upate the privacy policy when this is required for the functionalty it provides. This does not change the fact that we continue to strive to collect as little information as possible.